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Murrieta Smog Check Murrieta CA

Murrieta Smog inspections are required for all motor vehicles except for diesel powered motor vehicles that are a 1997 year model and older. Or it has a Vehicle Weight (GVWR) of more than 14,000 lbs. Electric and natural gas powered vehicles that are over 14,000 lbs that are 1975 and older are also excused from smog inspections. Any other motor vehicles that are a 1975 year and older are also excused. Vehicles registered in certain areas are required to have evidence of a smog certification every 2 years. Vehicles six or less model years old will pay a yearly smog abatement fee for the first six registration years. Registration renewal notices will be mailed to you and will let you know if a smog check needs to be done again. Your registration of year sticker will be withheld until you smog your car again.

Smog check inspections in Murrieta are needed for all motor vehicles except for certain diesel vehicles, and certain
electric and natural gas vehicles do not need the inspections. Give us a call if you need to verify.

Vehicles in certain areas are required to have a smog certification every 2 years. Registration renewal notices will be mailed to you and will let you know if a smog needs to be done again. Your registration sticker will not be given to you until you smog your vehicle again. Smogs are good for 90 days. Your vehicle's engine will be inspected during the smog test. The smog technician will insure ignition timing is set properly. Some late model vehicles may not have an ignition distributor.

Therefore no timing adjustment or testing of the ignition system is required. Timing on these engines is controlled by the Engine Control Unit. It is also known as the ECU. Both the crankshaft and camshaft sensors send important data to the ECU indicating the position of the engine pistons. Allowing the ECU to send spark to the proper cylinder at the exact moment fuel and air mixture is at its optimum pressurization. Any electronic ignition timing fault will cause the engine light or malfunction indicator lamp to come on.

Diversified Automotive is a licensed smog facility as well as a full service auto repair facility. We are licensed to perform diesel smog checks and repairs and now have the ability to perform smog inspections on all vehicles. Including those that are directed to a test only. Or directed to a gold shield or a STAR Certified station. We also will certify vehicles tagged as gross polluter and have the ability to perform state assisted CAP repairs also. Diversified Automotive was established in 1998 in a small shop behind a DMV. Diversified Auto moved to a larger facility and added a smog machine.

We are family run and rely mostly on word of mouth for our advertising. We strongly believe that if you are honest and do a good job people will recommend your services. Leon has been working on vehicles since he was about 16. He worked at dealerships for about 13 years and was the shop foreman for 5 of those years. Leon is a Mitsubishi Master Technician. It's important to keep up with routine vehicle maintenance. Not only does routine maintenance save you money over the long-term by preventing major repair, but it will also keep you and your family safe. Leaking fluids become a problem on a busy highway and keep you from getting where you need to go. Visit Diversified Automotive today!

Some say...

"I have had a trouble with my brakes since I bought my vehicle. I have had it to many many auto repair stores and dealership stores. No luck. I was lucky that a friend of mine recommended you guys to me. You took care of the real problem and charged me less than all those guys that always messed things up. Thank you!"

"Leon is a great mechanic. He never tries to up sell you. He is always honest and you know what he is saying is the truth. He will shoot straight and solve your issues quickly and as cost effectively as possible. I will not take my cars to anyone else."

"You guys saved my bacon. You were quick and affordable. Best of all, you guys are easy to work with. I never go the feeling that you guys were going to rip me off. I recommend you to all my friends."

Is it that time again?

It may seem irritating to have to put everything on hold in order to get your car smog certified. Even though we know our cars will pass, it is still nerve wrecking knowing that the technician could tell you whether or not you can drive to work tomorrow. However, the important thing to remember is why we need star smog Murrieta smog check certified vehicles at all.

Smog can be toxic to our health and it has been a growing concern in Southern California for some time now. It is extremely important to reduce smog because of our health concerns and environmental concerns.

We all understand how frustrating it can be to make time to get our cars smogged. However, we need to understand how important our air is to our health. We at Diversified want to make your visit as comfortable and quick as possible. Take your car in today if you need to get your vehicle smog certified.